Portland, Oregon

Political Paintings, Drawings, and Caricatures

Schmertzler is a master story teller. He boils our times and its events into a comprehensive whole that exposes the players and illuminates the connections between them. He follows his own interests but is also open to make commissioned works for your home, office or publications that illustrate suggested subject matter. Artwork is available for exhibition and sale. Make your event stand out with live caricature entertainment by booking Allen Schmertzler (Let's Face It). Booking info here


The 45th, Enter the Nightmare

Conte’ on paper

In the multifigured paintings with complicated compositions, the action takes place where food, drink, and social gala activities are likely to unfold with dance, music, movement and social drama. He frequently paints himself into the scene but as the distant viewer observing with anticipation and stoic empiricism, to create a bit of humor as the straight guy who doesn't fully engage in what is happening and/or even his disdain for it. The drawings aren't as complicated as the paintings but are still complex enough to give a punch. Allen Schmertzler has a point of view and he isn't afraid to visually voice it.
Schmertzler is currently working on a new book, a caricatured interpretation of the Trump Presidency.


Animate and warm your Portland, Oregon event with live caricatures by Allen Schmertzler
Book Schmertzler (Let's Face it) for live caricaturist entertainment on
Schmertzler averages 12-14 original live caricatures per hour.
He is a talented artist and a charming entertainer.

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